Anthony volunteering at St. Michael's Hospital

Since 1999, Anthony has been a dedicated volunteer in the Neuro-Trauma Intensive Care Unit at St. Michael’s Hospital in downtown Toronto.  This is the same ICU that witnessed his miraculous recovery. Anthony volunteers in this ICU to give back to St. Michael’s Hospital for giving him the gift of a Second Life and a Second Chance.

Almost every Friday, Anthony supports the families and visitors, the nursing staff and the doctors in the ICU. He shows families to the bedsides of their loved ones, and offers comfort and support to those who seek solace. He gives hope to the families by relaying his own story of recovery and conveying his personal motto,

Anthony Aquan-Assee volunteers at the Trauma and Neurosurgery Intensive Care Unit of St. Michael’s Hospital. He is a 2015 Urban Hero Award Winner. – Photo/MICHELE WEISZ

“Never Give Up” – “Where There is Despair, There is Hope”.