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bRAIN DROPS Keep Falling On My Head # 1

I would like to share some thoughts that I have about 
Near Death Experiences (NDE). 
Ever since my own NDE I have become obsessed with the meaning of life here on earth and the next phase of my journey. 
***Please Note:***
Please don’t think that I am preaching to you and that you must start believing and thinking this way. 
Everyone is on their own individual journey. 
I certainly don’t want to make anyone feel anxious or upset. 
After my Near Death Experience, thoughts “Keep Falling On My Head” as I continue to search for more clues to what I experienced in 1997. 

If you are interested, please check out this interesting story:

Vicki Umipeg was born totally blind. Her optic nerve was completely destroyed at birth. To those who are born totally blind, vision is unknown and unknowable. You can’t explain vision to someone who is born totally blind. 
The first time Vicki saw herself was during her Near Death Experience following a terrible car accident, when her consciousness separated from her body and from this vantage point she was able to see herself. 
At first she was horrified when she saw this person lying there as she didn’t know that was herself as she had never seen herself before. 
After she had calmed down she was able to note certain identifying features indicating that the body she was observing was certainly her own. 
She said that she was wearing a plain gold band on her right ring finger and her father’s wedding ring was next to it. **This was true**
She could definitely see her wedding ring because it was very unusual. It had orange blossoms on the corners of it.
This also was true !
“This was,” she said, “the only time I could ever relate to seeing and to what light was, because I experienced it.”
**** What really strikes me as being very similar to my NDE is when she said, “I had a feeling like I knew everything … and like everything made sense.”
This is exactly how I felt when I had my motorcycle accident. 
This all makes you go hmmmm ??? 

To read more about her story, please visit:…/people-born-blind-can-see-duri…

To read more about my own story, please visit: 

Namaste ?
***Stay Tuned for:
“bRAIN DROPS Keep Falling On My Head # 2”

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