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“bRAIN DROPS Keep Falling On My Head” # 4 – True Nobility

True nobility to a Brain Injury Survivor is being better than their previous self. The dedication, commitment, and the hard work needed to recover is often invisible and unknown to most others.

Brain Injury Survivors may share some of the following similarities to an Olympic Athlete in training. ****Note: Please share if you think of more.

(1) A Survivor works extremely hard to endure the unimaginable.

(2) Everyday a Survivor must battle many painful feelings, some of which may include the unremitting feelings of sadness, despair, pain, exhaustion, confusion, and fear.

(3) A Survivor’s success depends on their fight (or training) with their daily challenges. 

(4) Survivors can never give up nor can they take a vacation from their injury. 

“Promise me you’ll always remember: You’re braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.” ~ By: A.A. Milne (Christopher Robin to Pooh)

Note: If you are able to keep this in the forefront of your mind, you will have awarded yourself the Gold Medal in your competition with yourself.

“bRAIN DROPS Keep Falling On My Head” Quotes to stimulate thinking:

(1) “I seek strength, not to be greater than my brother, but to fight my greatest enemy … myself.” ~ Source: Native American Proverb

(2) “Life is like an echo, we get back what we give.” Source: Unknown.

(3) Change the word, “disability” to “This ability.” Source: “The upside”

(4) “Trauma creates change you don’t choose. Healing is about creating change you do choose.” ~ By: Michelle Rosenthal

(5) ”The more we know, the less we fear.”  ~ By: Chris Hadfield

RETHINK, REDO, REWIRED: Using Alternative Treatments to Heal a Brain Injury.”

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