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Educational Resources

Resources for Brain Injury Survivors as well as victims of a motor vehicle accident:

  • Understanding Traumatic Brain Injury: A Guide For Families and Friends [PDF Download] by St. Michael’s Hospital, Trauma and Neurosurgery Program
  • Brain Injury 101 No two acquired brain injuries are alike. Survivors will experience the effects of acquired brain injuries in many different ways.
  • Brain Injury Insight – This site offers insight to Brain Injury Survivors and Caregivers to move forward following a Brain Injury.
  • OBIA Book Store The Ontario Brain Injury Association (OBIA) has many important resources pertaining to brain injuries. These include books, biographies, manuals, videos and other non-fiction works.
  • BIST The Brain Injury Society of Toronto provides programs and services to people living with the effects of brain injury and their families / caregivers. After joining BIST, the programs are free and have no wait list.
  • Brain Injury Resource Center
  • Thomson Rogers This Toronto law firm is the largest plaintiff personal injury law firm in Canada specializing in Personal Injury Litigation – (416) 868-3190.
  • Trauma Resource Directory This site can help you locate the services of health care professionals and treatment providers in Ontario.
  • Memory Game # 1 – Excellent memory game to improve and strengthen your memory following a Brain Injury.
  • Memory Game # 2 – Another excellent memory game to improve and strengthen your memory following a Brain Injury.
  • Attention Game # 1 – Excellent game to improve and strengthen your attention skills following a Brain Injury.
  • Improve a Skill – Excellent games to improve and strengthen different skills following a Brain Injury.

Educational Web Sites for children, teens, and adults: