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Honesty ?

“Tell me the truth,” I asked the grade 2 student.

The boy’s feet shuffled nervously as he looked at me.

“I’m sorry Mr. A,” he whispered. “Yes, I was cheating on the spelling test.”

How amazing that my grade 2 student had the courage and strength to be so honest. Even though he knew that it would mean that I might speak to his mother about his cheating.

Being honest with others is important. Most of us are taught from a young age to be honest with others. Honesty with ourselves is a must before we are honest with others.

How many of us are really honest with ourselves ? This is very difficult to achieve and I really admire this quality in others.

I have been on a journey of trying to be more honest with myself since my motorcycle accident.

P.S. I never did speak to my student’s mother about his cheating on the spelling test. Rather, I spoke to his mother about his courage as well as his honesty 🙂

Attitude, Aspire, Achieve . . . . Namaste

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