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LOVE Heals

The majority of people would agree that LOVE is a very important healing energy. 

Unfortunately, a doctor’s therapeutic bag of tricks often does not recognize the healing powers of LOVE and it is largely ignored in scientific research on treating and healing brain injuries. 

How is it that some catastrophically injured patients are able to “Survive the ICU” while some others are not as fortunate ? 

When a patient is lying in the ICU, a doctor is able to measure the brain waves of this patient using an electroencephalogram (EEG), but they are unable to measure the LOVE this patient receives from their family and friends. 

Doctors are trained in disease, diagnosing, and treatment. We trust that modern medicine, with doctors as its soldiers, will win the war against brain injuries and trauma. 

Drugs are often the weapon of choice to help doctors win the war. 

The time has come for all the players in modern medicine to be more open-minded and curious about the healing powers of LOVE instead of focusing solely on pharmaceuticals and other invasive treatments. 

The heart has the capacity to experience and know things that we can’t see, but it can also become bitter and blocked and unable to fully express its full capacity of LOVE.

We might be able to develop better diagnostic tests if we have a better understanding about the messages coming from the heart. 

Many of us already realize that LOVE is a healing energy that goes beyond romantic love.

Hopefully, doctors and scientists will one day confirm this fact in their research studies. 

When this day comes, the impact on our health care will be enormously positive. 

“All You need is LOVE.”

By: The Beatles

Written by: Anthony Aquan-Assee, M.Ed.


The Urgency for Love as a Healing Force“, By: Jan Bonhoeffer M.D.

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