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Anthony delivers high-energy keynote speeches and workshops based around determination, hope and never giving up.

Anthony is happy to create a special program to meet your needs.

Presentation Feedback

  • 2019 – Brain Injury Association of Peel and HaltonJorun Rucels, Executive Director

    Thanks again for coming out on such a cold night to present to our group.
    You are a great public speaker. The feed-back I got from the break-out caregiver session was overall positive.

  • 2016 – Brain Injury CanadaBarb Butler, Co-President

    Anthony was the Keynote speaker at the Brain Injury Canada Conference in Toronto, 2016. His energy was a perfect way to start the conference. Anthony’s enthusiasm and ability to engage the audience added greatly to the conference.

  • 2015 – Brain Injury Society of Toronto (BIST)Meri Perra, Communications and Support Coordinator

    Anthony is a very engaging speaker - he kept the room’s attention for the whole talk and we hope to have him back!

  • 2015 – Brain Injury Society of Toronto (BIST)Michelle McDonald, Executive Director

    Anthony’s presentation at the Brain Injury Society of Toronto’s Speaker Forum was very engaging and an inspiration to all of our attendees (survivors, families, caregivers, healthcare professionals and students).  He speaks from the heart and we thank him for sharing and inspiring others with his courageous journey.

  • 2015 – Deanna Chisholm-TullioMarch of Dimes Canada, Regional Independent Living Manager

    Anthony's presentation left a great impact on our audience and served as a reminder of one's journey through brain injury recovery and rehabilitation. His passion and message to always challenge yourself to achieve your goals was also inspiring.

  • 2015 – Corey KnechtSergeant At Arms Oshawa Toastmasters Club

    Anthony delivered an awe-striking performance for us. I would readily recommend him to any party looking for a speaker with a motivational message.

  • 2013 – Hedy ChandlerExecutive Director Community Head Injury Resource Services of Toronto (CHIRS)

    I have heard so many speakers during my 27 years at CHIRS and I was so very moved by Anthony’s presentation to our group at the CHIRS Club. Anthony speaks with enthusiasm, honesty and from his heart. I highly encourage others to have Anthony speak to students and groups.

  • Kristi PresseTeacher, Ecole Secondiare Le Caron Penetanguishene, Ontario

    Anthony was charismatic and genuine. My students were engrossed in every aspect of his presentation. His willingness to share and show vulnerability shows what true strength he embodies. He was organized, articulate, compassionate, and engaging. His presentation was educational, humorous, honest, and inspirational. But most of all, his story is compelling, captivating, and truly empowering.

  • Claudia ZanchettaRN, MN, APN, CNN(c), CNCC(c) Advanced Practice Nurse - Neurosurgery University Health Network - Toronto Western, Krembil Neuroscience Symposium

    Your talk received great feedback and really added alot to our conference.

  • Jim TuckerChair of the Ontario Chapter of NAFA – National Association of Fleet Administrators

    I found your presentation inspirational and it has given me motivation to establish my goals and work toward them.

  • Kim MooreNurse Clinician, Joseph Brant Hospital

    Anthony inspires all that listen to him. His talk was very motivational and inspirational.

  • Kim GilliesRegional Manager, Lawlor Therapy Support Services

    I would highly recommend Anthony as a guest speaker, not only for topics related to brain injuries but more importantly, for any topic on motivation, the drive to succeed and overcoming insurmountable obstacles.

  • 2011 – Rami ShamiCoordinator of Recruitment and Training Heart House Hospice

    Anthony is a very inspirational individual. His presentation style and engaging demeanor is a pleasure to experience. Using humour and wonderful storytelling, Anthony holds his audience captive as he delivers a courageous and inspirational message. I would recommend his talk to all ages and backgrounds. A wonderful speaker. Thank you!

  • Colleen BoyceExecutive Director Neurologic Rehabilitation Instititute of Ontario (NRIO)

    Anthony Aquan-Assee inspires all who listen to him. He has the ability to keep the audience attentive at all times. He has such incredible compassion and understanding and is so humble following the tragedy that changed his life. I would highly recommend Mr. Aquan-Assee as a speaker.

  • Nicole IrelandActing Director of Communications, UNICEF Canada

    Anthony Aquan-Assee is a compelling and articulate speaker who has been a tremendous asset in helping St. Michael's Hospital raise awareness about traumatic brain injury. His frank speaking style as he talks about his miraculous recovery from severe traumatic injury has had an enormous impact on diverse audiences, including media, donors, hospital staff, physicians and the general public. If you are looking for a personable speaker with an inspirational story to tell, I would highly recommend Mr. Aquan-Assee.

  • Bernard GlucksteinQ.C., Personal Injury Lawyer Gluckstein & Associates

    Anthony's presentation had an impact on the audience. His delivery was dynamic, his presentation was inspirational and the story of his recovery after a serious brain injury was motivating and at the same time humorous. It is a pleasure to know him and an honour to be associated with him.

  • Dr. Peter RumneyM.D. F.R.C.P.C, Physician Director NeuroRehabilitation Program Bloorview MacMillan Children's Centre

    Mr. Aquan-Assee is a powerful speaker. He is eloquent, and personable in his presentation style and engaging in his sense of humour. He is a walking testament to the resilience of the human spirit in the face of personal adversity.

  • 2012 – Rebecca Spirito-DalginPh.D. , CRC, Associate Professor, Rehabilitation Counseling Program, University of Scranton, PA, USA

    Anthony’s presentation was extremely powerful and was one of humor, honesty, and inspiration. I recommend him highly and think that his message (presentation and book) should be heard by everyone, but especially those in the helping professions.

  • Rolf B. Gainer Ph.D., Diplomate, ABDA Vice President, Rehabilitation Institutes of America

    Mr. Aquan-Assee is a very compelling speaker. He is extremely articulate and well organized. His message regarding his recovery from a devastating brain injury is both clear and powerful. In my opinion, Mr. Aquan-Assee is a speaker with an unusual ability to convey his personal story in a way which is motivating and empowering. He is a rare individual who has the capacity to use his personal story of overcoming adversity to assist others in achieving their life goals. Not only is Mr. Aquan-Assee an individual who has achieved an exceptional level of recovery; he is an excellent motivational speaker with an important story to tell and an effective method of communicating to all listeners.

  • Monika HuminuikExecutive Director Manitoba Brain Injury Association

    I would like to thank Anthony Aquan-Assee for his wonderful presentation at our conference. As stated by one of the participants, "A motivational speaker like Anthony is an important component of a conference such as this." His positive outlook has inspired a number of participants. His story has influenced them in a positive way by giving them a renewed faith in themselves and hope for the future.

  • Dr. Robert ChenMD FRCPC (Anaesth) Anaesthetist Trauma Team Leader, St. Michael's Hospital University of Toronto

    Mr. Aquan-Assee is truly unique. I could not have imagined a better 'lecture' on brain injury and brain injury rehab! In one session, my medical students gained an insight and appreciation of TBI and trauma survival that would be hard to offer any other way. It was a privilege to have him address my students.

  • Mary Jane BurkeMarin County Superintendent of Schools San Rafael California USA

    Anthony, thank you so much for your wonderful presentation at our Back to School program. Your inspiring story was a perfect way to begin the new school year for our teachers. Thank you for getting the year off to a great start!

  • Toni KerkoveExecutive Officer 1 Iowa Department Of Transportation, USA Motorcycle Administrator

    Anthony Aquan-Assee is an inspiration to his audience. His courage and determination to overcome all odds as told during his presentation was overwhelming. Even though his story is one of seriousness, he is able to add humour and offer hope for others who may be facing similar obstacles. I would highly recommend Anthony for your next speaking engagement.

  • John KumpfExecutive Director (Retired in 2010), Ontario Brain Injury Association, (OBIA)

    Anthony Aquan-Assee is an extremely powerful and knowledgeable presenter who packages an inspirational message in knowledge and humor.  I would highly recommend him to those seeking an uplifting presentation.

Promo Video

Topics Include:

  1. Rethink, Redo, Rewired” – Learn about Alternative Treatments that can help a survivor or anyone else heal their brain and body ‘naturally‘ – no medication required. Alternative Treatments such as  ‘Neurofeedback Training‘, ”Laser Therapy‘, and ‘Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation‘ helped Anthony heal his brain ‘naturally‘ after he sustained 3 Traumatic Brain Injuries. You will learn tools and strategies that will help you master the challenges following a Brain Injury.
  2. Starting Over: A Second Life and a Second Chance” – Journey with Anthony as he tells his compelling and inspirational story. It is a story of tragedy and recovery that shows the resilience and unlimited power of the human spirit in the face of personal adversity. Anthony’s story will motivate you to develop the ATTITUDE for success, ASPIRE for success and then ACHIEVE the success that you desire.
  3. Back to School” – Inspirational Back to School Speech for Educators. Anthony will inspire Educators with the compelling story of his journey to return to teaching after his near-fatal Traumatic Brain Injury. Just like his students, Anthony had to learn how to read, write, talk and walk in his journey “Back to School”.  Teachers and Special Educators will become familiar with the needs of students with Brain Injuries.
  4. Attitude, Aspire, Achieve” – Use your strengths to steer yourself in any direction you choose. Learn how to create a path to a new success.
  5. The Other Side” – Anthony will talk about his ‘Near-Death Experience”.  He will share his experiences on the ‘other side’ and will discuss what he learned and how this can help you transform your life.

Clients & Past Presentations

Anthony Aquan-Assee has presented keynote speeches as well as workshops to the following organizations:

Health Care

  • St. Michael’s Hospital – Neurotrauma Intensive Care Unit, 2017
  • West Park HealthCare Centre, Toronto, Ontario (3x), 2017
  • March of Dimes Canada (Barrie – 2005, Sudbury – 2015)
  • Centre for Addiction and Mental Health – Courage to Come Back Award Ceremony, Toronto, Ontario
  • St. Michael’s Hospital, Staff Presentation – Toronto, Ontario (4x)
  • St. Michael’s Hospital Foundation Campaign Presentation
  • Credit Valley Hospital, Mississauga, Ontario (2x)
  • Krembil Neuroscience Symposium – University Health Network
  • Joseph Brant Hospital – Critical Care Team Members, Burlington
  • Canadian Red Cross – Community Health Services, Timmins, Ontario
  • Lawlor Therapy Support Services, Mississauga, Ontario (2x)
  • Ontario Hospital Association, Toronto, Ontario
  • Neurologic Rehabilitation Institute of Ontario, Etobicoke, Ontario
  • Paramed Home Health Care, Burlington, Ontario
  • Heart House Hospice


  • California, USA – Marin County Board of Education, San Rafael
  • Pennsylvania, USA – University of Scranton – Scranton, PA
  • University of Toronto – Medical School, Toronto, Ontario
  • University of Toronto – Erindale College, Mississauga, Ontario (2x)
  • McMaster University – Health Sciences – Nursing, Hamilton, Ont.
  • Mohawk College – Hamilton, Ontario
  • The Learning Annex, Toronto, Ontario
  • Krembil Neuroscience Symposium
  • Toronto District School Board
  • Peel District School Board – Mississauga, Ont.
  • École Secondaire Le Caron, Pentenaguishene, Ontario

Brain Injury Associations

  • North Simcoe Muskoka ABI Collaborative, 2018
  • Brain Injury Society of Toronto (BIST) – 2015, 2018
  • Brain Injury Canada Annual Conference, 2016
  • British Columbia – BRAINTRUST Canada – Okanagan Conference
  • Manitoba Brain Injury Association, Winnipeg, Manitoba
  • Ontario Brain Injury Association, Waterloo, Ontario
  • Toronto Acquired Brain Injury Network
  • Brain Injury Association of Sault Ste Marie – Interurban Brain Injury Conference
  • Brain Injury Association of Sudbury & District, Sudbury, Ontario
  • Brain Injury Association of Chatham-Kent, Chatham, Ontario
  • Brain Injury Association of Peel and Halton, Mississauga, Ontario
  • Brain Injury Association of Waterloo Wellington, Waterloo, Ontario
  • Brain Injury Association of Niagara, St. Catharines, Ontario
  • Community Head Injury Resource Services of Toronto (CHIRS)

Presentations in the USA

  • University of Scranton – Scranton, Pennsylvania, USA
  • Marin County Board of Education, San Rafael, California, USA
  • Iowa Department of Transportation, Iowa, USA

Non-Profit Organizations

  • Ontario March of Dimes, Barrie, Ontario (2x)
  • Newmarket Stingrays Swim Club – Competitive swimming for ages 9 +
  • Canadian Red Cross
  • Heart House Hospice
  • Oshawa Toastmasters – Charter Night
  • Sunshine Centre for Seniors

Associations and Events

  • Brain Injury Canada Annual Conference, 2016
  • Krembil Neuroscience Symposium
  • As a guest with Dr. Wayne Dyer, Toronto, Ontario (3x)
  • Holistic World Expo, Toronto, Ontario
  • National Association of Fleet Administrators (NAFA) – Ride and Drive Presentation, Toronto, Ontario
  • Newmarket Stingrays Swim Club Awards Banquet – A Competitive swimming club for ages 9 and up.
  • Oshawa Toastmasters – Charter Night

Print media features

  • Reader’s Digest – Canadian Heroes
  • Toronto Star
  • Globe and Mail
  • Toronto Sun
  • Etobicoke Guardian
  • Oakville Beaver
  • The Mississauga News
  • Hospital News – Canada’s Health Care Newspaper
  • OBIA Review – Ontario Brain Injury Association
  • Headline – Magazine – Brain Association of British Columbia
  • The Challenge – Magazine – Brain Injury Association of America

Radio & TV features

  • Health on the Line TV Show with Avery Haines (Discovery Health Network)
  • City TV
  • CBC
  • Radio Interview – CIUT 89.5 FM