Keynote presentations and Workshops – Anthony offers high energy keynote speeches and workshops based around determination, hope and never giving up. Anthony will be happy to create a special program to meet your needs.


Anthony’s presentation topics include:

  1. Rethink, Redo, Rewired” – Learn about Alternative Treatments that can help a survivor or anyone else heal their brain and body ‘naturally‘ – no medication required. Alternative Treatments such as  ‘Neurofeedback Training‘, ”Laser Therapy‘, ‘Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation‘ and drinking ‘Kangen Water‘, helped Anthony heal his brain ‘naturally‘ after he sustained 3 Traumatic Brain Injuries. You will learn tools and strategies that will help you master the challenges following a Brain Injury.
  2. Starting Over: A Second Life and a Second Chance” – Journey with Anthony as he tells his compelling and inspirational story. It is a story of tragedy and recovery that shows the resilience and unlimited power of the human spirit in the face of personal adversity. Anthony’s story will motivate you to develop the ATTITUDE for success, ASPIRE for success and then ACHIEVE the success that you desire.
  3. Back to School” – Inspirational Back to School Speech for Educators. Anthony will inspire Educators with the compelling story of his journey to return to teaching after his near-fatal Traumatic Brain Injury. Just like his students, Anthony had to learn how to read, write, talk and walk in his journey “Back to School”.  Teachers and Special Educators will become familiar with the needs of students with Brain Injuries.
  4. Attitude, Aspire, Achieve” – Use your strengths to steer yourself in any direction you choose. Learn how to create a path to a new success.
  5. The Other Side” – Anthony will talk about his ‘Near-Death Experience”.  He will share his experiences on the ‘other side’ and will discuss what he learned and how this can help you transform your life.