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Vendeka’s Creed

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Anthony’s third book,
Vendeka’s Creed” is a high interest fiction, fantasy novel that takes a very unique look at how our highly technical world might cope with brain injuries in the future. In 2018, “Vendeka’s Creedwon an Eric Hoffer Book Award in the Grand Prize Competition. This is one of the largest international book awards for independent publishers. Read the review in the link below.

Jesse Biggsee is different. He is a computer genius and has won the International Computer Science Fair for the past two years. But no one cares. He is shunned by everyone at his school and he just doesn’t fit in. Desperation for acceptance by the other kids leads Jesse to try out for the football team. A serious accident changes his life forever and propels him into the future. A world where Vendeka, the evil computer hacker, rules everyone, everywhere. And so begins the celebration of Jesse’s uniqueness as he refuses to follow the Creed.


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