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The Healing Energy of LOVE

LOVE is the most healing and strengthening of all energies. To help heal our Brain and our Body we need the healing power of LOVE. This may come in the form of Self-Love, Love from others or Love of something. LOVE is an energy that can’t be assessed by the amazing medical technologies that are currently available. But LOVE is Nature’s most amazing medicine.

When I was a patient in the Neuro-Trauma Intensive Care Unit (NT-ICU) at St. Michael’s Hospital, I had been in a deep coma for more than two weeks when the Neurosurgeons, Anaesthesiologists, Critical Care Doctors and Emergency Physicians sat down with my parents in a private room. They told my parents that I was ‘Brain Dead’ and I would never emerge from my coma. They then went on to tell my parents that even if I did come out of the coma I would be a ‘Vegetable’ for the rest of my life and never be able to take care of myself or do simple self-care activities such as going to the bathroom. To make things even worse, I had sustained many serious internal injuries that were very life threatening. The surgeons and doctors suggested to my parents that they think about the quality of life I would have wanted. They said that there was ‘No Hope’ for my recovery and then suggested that my parents have me removed from the life support system that was keeping me alive.

My Mother held my hand every day when she came to visit me as I lay lifeless in the ICU. A Mother’s Love and Intuition with her child is very powerful. She knew that I was still in there and refused to believe that I was gone. I was very fortunate to have the LOVE of my Mother and Father, the LOVE of my two Brothers, Jonathan and Michael, the LOVE of the my Sister, Jasmin. In addition, I was very fortunate to have Dr. Wayne Dyer come visit me in the ICU and surround me with Love and Healing energy. I will never forget the the LOVE of my friends, the LOVE of my students and their families, and the LOVE of so many people who prayed for me.

LIFE is all about LOVE.



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