The Power of Music 🙂 Music helped bring me out of a 2-week long coma. 

Music has always been very important to me. I started playing the piano at a very young age and then switched to the guitar. After I sustained a Brain Injury it took me some time to return to playing the guitar as my memory had been destroyed as well as my fine motor skills. Music has strengthened my brain and it has played a big role in my recovery from a TBI.

Feel free to check out these videos with me playing the guitar for the school rock band, “The Harwood Hawkeyes”. The Harwood Hawkeyes were a school rock band at Harwood P.S. in Toronto. The band was composed of three former grade 8 students (the lead singer, the drummer and the bass guitarist) and two teachers including Anthony Aquan-Assee.


“Stop and Believe – To Overcome a Traumatic Brain Injury”

Starting Over” – By: Anthony Aquan-Assee

Michael Jackson: “Billie Jean” – By: the Harwood Hawkeyes

Green Day: “Boulevard Of Broken Dreams” – By: the Harwood Hawkeyes

Coldplay: “Viva la Vida” – By: the Harwood Hawkeyes


Anthony Aquan-Assee & The Ontario Brain Injury Association

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