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A Better Reality in Life

A Brain Injury Survivor experiences many challenges that the rest of the world may not notice.

A few of the challenges that Survivors face include frequent sleep disturbances, headaches, remembering simple things, remaining organized, speech problems, etc.

Interacting with others who have not experienced a trauma may present a big challenge for a Survivor. 

The brain is what enables you to stay in touch with and remain connected to the material world. If something happens to your brain, then it may be difficult to relate to the material world.

However, a Brain Injury Survivor can connect with the world through their heart and their spirit.

The spirit is the nonphysical part of a person that relates to the mind, the soul and the feelings. It is the seat of one’s character.

Our bodies may die but our spirit will remain as we continue on in the next journey.

Allow yourself to see and experience the beauty in the world. Levels of consciousness such as love, peace, joy, compassion, truth, courage, and motivation will make you stronger and will nourish your spirit.

The reality in which you live depends upon your beliefs, your attitude, and on your outlook on life.

Since you create your reality with your interpretations, always choose the best interpretation and this will make a better life for yourself.

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