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The Hidden Life Within

Guiseppe Penone is an Italian artist and sculptor, known for his large-scale sculptures of trees. In the attached picture, Guiseppe Penone carves out a young tree with an older tree to reveal its past, showing us what once grew inside so that it may now “live in the present.”

I am really interested in this sculpture as it reminds me of the journey I have been on since I sustained a TBI (Traumatic Brain injury). In the early stages following my accident, I searched and I searched and I searched but I couldn’t find answers to my questions. As the years passed my efforts grew stronger as I became more determined to learn who I was before my accident.

As Guiseppe Penone states, “To find the path, walk it, probe it and bushwack through the brambles: this is sculpture.”

A TBI Survivor must push their way through an area where no path exists. Recovering from a TBI is like creating a new sculpture from the parts of your former self that you are able to recover. Use whatever you discover to help you live more peacefully in your present. 

Wishing you way more than luck. Luck is already on your side.  🙏

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