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The Biology of Belief

“DNA does not control biology and the nucleus itself is not the brain of the cell. Just like you and me, cells are shaped by where they live. In other words, it’s the environment.”
By: Dr. Bruce Lipton – Author of “The Biology of Belief”

“In Canada, medical errors and hospital-acquired infections claim between 30,000 and 60,000 lives annually.”
(By: Kathleen Finley, Huffington Post, 2016)
“This is a startling statistic especially for a healing profession that has arrogantly dismissed 3000 years of effective Eastern medicine as unscientific, even though it is based on a deeper understanding of the Universe.
For thousands of years, long before Western scientists discovered the laws of quantum physics, Asians have honored energy as the principal factor contributing to health and well-being.”
By: Dr. Bruce Lipton, “The Biology of Belief”

In Eastern medicine, Alternative treatments as well as energy medicine have been effectively used to heal a variety of conditions.”

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